Window, Gutter, and Roof Cleaning in Vancouver Our gutter cleaning services is perfect for homes in Vancouver with dirty gutters. Through our professional pressure washing, we can do moss, algae, and lichen removal in your gutters. We also use powerful vacuums to do removal of stubborn dirt inside your gutters. For houses that have several storeys, our gutter cleaning utilizes ladders and other equipment to effectively do a thorough gutter cleaning service.

Moss Removal and Pressure Washing Services in Vancouver

Starlight Home Services offers various home and property cleaning in Vancouver. Our team of dedicated cleaners does detailed roof cleaning, window washing, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and moss removal services for houses, buildings, and apartments in Vancouver. As experienced cleaners, our services in Vancouver also include pressure washing for driveways, sidings, removal/replacement of gutters and damaged down pipes, detailed moss removal, and even roof/house painting services.

Window Cleaning in Vancouver

Make a good impression on your Vancouver guests and customers with super clean and clear windows! Starlight Home Services can help you maintain clean windows even on your busy schedule. Our window cleaning team has the right training and tools to properly handle removal of stubborn dirt on your windows, wash windows thoroughly, and make them look beautiful in no time! Whether you have just a few small windows at your Vancouver home or need a regular cleaning contractor to manage monthly window washing for your building, office, or business establishment, we are confident that we can handle the job for you! Call now to schedule a window cleaning for your property.

Pressure Washing in Vancouver

Remove stubborn mold, grime, mud, and any type of dirt on your property with our professional pressure washing services! We use powerful pressure washer machines to effectively handle removal of all unwanted/unsightly dirt on your floor, driveways, roof, gutters, etc. With our dedicated pressure washing team, we guarantee that you’ll have a detailed cleaning and excellent pressure washing service every time! We have helped hundreds of homes and businesses in Vancouver maintain a pristine home/building exterior through our professional pressure washing services.

Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal in Vancouver

Don’t let your home interiors be ruined by dirty and damaged roofs. Our roof cleaning and moss removal services are what you need to maintain the structural integrity of your roof. Changes in weather and temperature cause moss, algae, and lichen build up. When moss and other elements pile up on your roof, they can damage the tiles and eventually start a nasty whole on your roof. With our expert moss removal services and pressure washing, we remove all moss and algae plus treat your roof with protective coatings to inhibit moss and algae growth. Call us today to know more about our roof cleaning/pressure washing and moss removal services in Vancouver.

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